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KJ McKinster 6/16/95-4/11/08 -- When writing about such a wonderful warrior, the first thought that comes to mind is.....KJ lived more in 12 years then most people do in 60 years. So where does one start and how will it began to fit on these pages, and how could mere words do justice for a life lived so full and a spirit so brave and yet so sweet. Words are not enough, but we hope that what you read here, and in the comments section from others, and from the many pictures in this web site you will began to see some of who KJ McKinster is.

We are planning to write a bio here on this page at some point. In the meantime here are some comments from family members, and to the right is a video link with KJ's voice mail message.

I am sierra mckinster. I am 6 years old and I love kj. he was my friend a good good friend . his number was #56. i miss him very much. He had one bro his name was zac. i love kj more than anything in the world. yesterday was earth day and i planted for kj because he wanted me to do that. thank you to all of the people who made cards for us and peyton. the end
sierra | 04.23.08 - 7:38 pm

My grandson KJ was a special person from the day he was born and that is not just a "bragging grandma". I have been reading the comments from friends and family and this is just who KJ was. KJ was humble and happy doing anything, never had complaints and loved to have a good time and I will miss everything about him. He loved his family so much and he had such a supporting family who will never be the same but will go on with their lives as that is what he would want, knowing him. He was fortunate to have this family who supported him in every way. I reassured his mom & dad that there are many people who go through a long, long life and never accomplish what he had in his short 12 years. KJ leaves behind a loving sister, Sierra and brother, Zac and I pray they are given the guidance to cope and understand. I love them dearly and pray they are held safe.

KJ's celebration of life held 4-18-08 was proof of how many lives he touched as there were around 400 friends and family who drove and flew thousands of miles to show their respect for our special guy. Rest peacefully, race your best (as you always have) and wait patiently my sweet prince as I will see you again.

Love you KJ
Marta Renteria (Grandmother) | 04.20.08

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