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KJ, not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Losing you was the hardest thing we had to go through as a family. We all lost a part of ourselves but our faith in knowing that we will all be together again and that you are watching over and protecting us is what keeps us going. We want to make you proud and live life with the kindness that you brought to the world. I try to be so strong but some days I can hardly breathe knowing you aren't here. We see so much of you in your sister and you would be so proud of her. Please continue being her guardian angel she needs her big brother now more than ever. I love you so so much!
Mom | 02.21.16 - 8:44 am
KJ i remember you when you were just a toddler. You were always so happy and sweet. You loved being around all the kids in daycare and hanging out with your parents. You're a beautiful angel now watching us.
nadia | 08.02.14 - 5:39 pm
KJ, my hero, my idol, my savior. I am sad that you are gone, but I am glad that I will carry on what is left of you. I am a piece of you and I will forever carry your name with great pride. I love you and I always will.
Sierra | 06.13.14 - 1:02 pm
It's weird to think that we would have graduated high school together... I miss you now just as I did when you first left us... You're spirit is still alive and keeping a smile on everyone you loved lives. Miss you so much kiddo.
Ashlynn | 07.26.13 - 8:16 pm
I was there that day, I can't believe how an amazingly high spirited young man could have been taken so early. He was a light and had such high potential he really was amazing. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Chelsea Meggitt | 05.27.13 - 7:52 pm
I miss you KJ I will never forget how you were always happy when you came to English class almost everyday.
Danielle Chambers | 04.30.13 - 11:00 am
I don't think there's been a day I haven't thought about you. Even though you're no longer here, we'll always be friends. Wherever you are now, I'm sure it's better than here! I miss you KJ, no matter how much time passes I always will. I love you bud. It's been a long time, one day we'll meet up again, sooner or later!
Karsten Mayer | 04.8.13 - 7:01 pm
Kj, i miss you sooo much kiddo! But i know where your at is much safer than this crazy world we're in! There isn't a day that goes by where you're not in my thoughts! :) I was actually looking out the window the other day and saw a beautiful blue dragonfly (something we don't see often here) and i knew it was you checkin in on me :) This summer i am actually getting an amazing dragonfly tattoo in memory of my amazingly beautiful cousin. It's so crazy to think that your just about 18 now!!!! WOW how time flies! I miss you bud! If you ever need anything my shoulder is always tappable :p
cousin tia | 03.18.13 - 4:48 pm
Hi KJ, I really miss you every day. I remember you being there to protect and watch over me. It's been rough the things that we've all been through, but I think that I feel sorrow for you, but it's actually for mom, dad, zac, and myself. I say that because I know that you are much safer and happier in Heaven. And I know that we will all meet back up in Heaven again one day! I love you!!!!
Sierra | 02.25.13 - 1:00 pm
Hey KJ, I just saw mom. dad, and sierra for the first time in a long time. We had a great thanksgiving, and everyone is doing amazing things. We have such a wonderful family I wish you could have been at the table with us. I know that you would have done great things with your life, and that inspires me to do great things with my own. I hope that you are proud of me, because you will always be my biggest hero. Thank you for being the light in my life when things get dark and thank you for celebrating my victories with me when I am alone. I love you and miss you every day.
Zac | 11.30.12 - 11:08 pm
KJ, you have been on my heart today.  So touching to read your family and friends comments on your memory page.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to have known you.  You are forever missed.
Carrie | 11.14.12 - 1:14 pm
hey kj it all feels like a dream imagining having a brother one day and the next hes gone i love and miss you every day! I remember spider wars and the pictures to the right! I have been around my friends and thier older or younger siblings and most of the older sibilings don't even remind me of you! you were so gently and kind and i really miss that!
Sierra | 11.05.12 - 3:31 pm
Hard to believe its been so long... We miss you bud, and we think about you! I'm really glad I got to meet, know and race with you, it was a blast. -CJ. #98
CJ | 10.22.12 - 11:01 pm
I miss you soo much bro and I know you would have been very proud of me that I got my ears pierced today, I am doing good in school and I found a sport I love, archery, I haven't talked to you in a while and I am sorry for that I wish you were here with us I love you and miss you love you!
Sierra your sis | 09.23.12 - 8:11 pm
Happy Birthday KJ! I was not fortunate enough to have met you, but I feel your spirit and presence at the CMLC schools everyday!
Brittany G | 06.16.12 - 4:17 pm
Grandson full of Spirit...Happy early Birthday...Love Mimi
mimi | 06.12.12 - 2:18 pm
4 years have gone by and i still miss one of my best friends... It's Junior year now and I still think about KJ. Remembering his spirit, trying to have that same spirit and determination he had fo everything he did. It's not the same but it helps bring back memories... I MISS YOU BEST FRIEND<3
Anonymous | 05.19.12 - 6:59 pm
Thoughts and prayers to the McKinster family, & KJ's friends. Gone but never forgotten.
Shannon | 04.11.12 - 7:39 pm
KJ you were a great friend and a great driver. I always will remember you.
Ethan Word | 04.11.12 - 8:52 am
Tomorrow is the 4 year anniversary of a very sad day, the day the world lost our friend KJ. He was a friend, brother, son and he was loved. I remember the day at school when we all found out what was happened. It was surreal, i couldn't believe it, my friend, was gone. I could no longer play football or laugh or talk to one of the sweetest boys i knew, i was one of the first people to meet KJ at woms, he sat right next to me for a few months and he was a rare kind of kid, he was nice to everyone.Now a junior in high school i still feel the weight of his death. That loss will be with me forever, it showed us how short life is and to never take moments for granted. I miss him and i know he's in  better place. I will never forget you KJ. 56 FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.  sincerely KW
Anonymous | 04.10.12 - 10:18 pm
possibly the kindest person I've ever known. A person of true character, everyone miss's you bud
classmate | 04.10.12 - 10:05 pm
You were a great classmate to have in class. I will miss you as a classmate.
Danielle Chambers | 12.07.11 - 1:24 pm

I can't believe it's been 3 years.. I miss ya KJ I still remember exactly how you acted and how everyone liked you at school. The day everyone was delivered the bad news at West Orient Middle School is a day that I will never forget. I hope you were looking down at us that day and saw just how much everyone really cared for you. I know you're in a better place than I now. You'll forever be in my heart.
Payton Hensler | 07.25.11 - 1:19 am

Dear KJ, you're family has done a fantastic job carrying your name and soul throughout their centers. I'm so honored to have met you all those years ago and to be working for your parents. Your name and spirit will remain forever. You are unforgettable
Danielle Robison | 07.11.11 - 6:25 pm

Happy 16th B-day bug. You are missed by all of us. We think of you every moment of everyday not just today. The world was a better place with you in it. Thank you all for your Beautiful comments. We work hard in K.J.'s name everyday. He will never be forgotten. Love you always Mom, Dad and Sissy.
Ken | 06.16.11 - 4:57 pm

You all are always in my thoughts & prayers.  My family and I will never forget KJ.
Shannon Gannon | 04.10.11 - 6:21 pm

Sending my love
Nell | 04.8.11 - 10:01 am

Just been thinknin about you buddy. Hope all is going well for you up there and keepin the family safe. People miss you bud.
Nick Monti | 02.27.11 - 1:22 pm

I really miss you kiddo! ;)
i just got a tatttoo for you a week ago!
love you so much!
i love all of you guys!
muahh <33!
Cousin Tia | 02.17.11 - 12:46 pm

McKinster family, Wishing you a Happy Holiday!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous | 12.24.10 - 12:21 pm

I miss you so much. I think about you all the time. I'm getting a tattoo of with prayer hands on the back of my neck. I miss you bud.
Kaylynn Holladay | 11.29.10 - 4:19 pm

Ashley and her Dad were sitting on the couch talking about the good times at CMLC which lead her to look at your website learning about what happened to KJ. We as a family are so sorry for your loss, he was an awesome kid!
Becci Todd | 11.27.10 - 9:09 am

i miss you are somewhere in you always...mimi
grandma mimi | 10.11.10 - 7:15 pm

miss you dude
Andy | 08.20.10 - 7:32 pm

I came across this from the RacerMemorials myspace! As i read the report on what happend i imidiatly became  heart broken. it hits close to home as i have interviewed outlaw go kart drivers on our show. from 5 to ages 14! i also am a announcer for auto racing and outlaw go karts. i have witnessed many promising futures for these kids and seen them move up. as i am sure KJ would have done as well. no doubt in my mind the kid would have went to Nascar! :( my condolences thoughts and prayers to your family! Shannon "Ace" Nailor
The Checkered Flag Talk Show | 08.05.10 - 1:27 am

Tomorrow Is KJ's Birthday, And I Know He Is Deeply Missed. By Everyone, Including Me.
Alexandra Gagnon | 06.15.10 - 7:45 pm

Sorry to hear about K.J..  He was such a special and fun kid to be around.  My prayers are still with you and your family Ken and Jackie!  Much love,
Becky (Sautter) Williams | 04.21.10 - 9:55 pm

every day i think of you ..see your spirit..when my hearts heavy missing you...thank you for showing whats important...Spirit.  love you always...mimi
Grandma | 04.13.10 - 8:31 am

Still think of you.
Steve | 04.11.10 - 9:04 pm

Hey bug, I miss everything that is you. You are the most gentle and pure soul I have known in my life. You are not forgotten. I have you in every beat of my heart and my dreams. Your mother, sister and I talk about you always. I miss everything.  Love Daddy
Ken | 04.11.10 - 6:17 pm

Hey K.J... It's been two years... I still have a hard time believing your gone... We are in highschool now... It's okay I guess... Anyway I am here to tell you we all miss you very much and we will NEVER forget you. We love you buddy. :)
Arpine | 04.11.10 - 8:35 am

Non conoscevo K.J. ma lo porto nel mio cuore
Locatelli Fabio | 04.04.10 - 7:32 pm

I think of KJ every single day. He is dearly missed and will never be forgotten.
Nell | 03.12.10 - 8:50 pm

Not a day has gone by that i haven't thought about KJ, he was a great friend.
Jenna Spencer | 02.28.10 - 8:30 pm

I posted a pic pf KJ and I on my website. I don't know if Ken has seen it. I was thinking about him the other day and want you to know that he is not forgotten.
Sam Kemper | Kemper Kolors | 01.29.10 - 5:21 pm

Dear the McKinster family, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about what your family has been thru. You never forget your fellow racers. Wishing your family peace and happiness. The racing community lost a great racers and is missed very much!!! But KJ has left such a great impact on our young drivers and they look up to him each day.I just want to Thank You for keeping KJ's memory a live and his website. Thanks
Anonymous | 01.14.10 - 8:11 pm

Now we look through the glass darkly..but in Heaven we will see him face to face....aquote from the Bible...Now we see your spirit working for the good of your are Gods warrior angel..Kenneth you soo much,K.J.
Anonymous | 01.02.10 - 7:00 am

K.J. you are such an inspiration to all of be the best we can be here and now...and like your sister says"when we go to heaven..we are with you...just as we are with you now" thank you for being such a wonderful mimi
Anonymous | 10.03.09 - 3:07 pm

K.J.what a wonderful spirit you inspire us to be the best we can be...every moment..we know you are here...happy fall...wonderful mimi
Anonymous | 10.03.09 - 3:02 pm

Hey KJ i miss u man u were one the greatest friends that i could ever have, it hit me hard when u passed away but because of u ilearned to live my life to the fullest and to never give up, thanks KJ
my thoughts and prayers are with u Ken,Jackie, Sierra,and Zach
Scott Mueller | 09.30.09 - 10:29 pm

I just wanted you to know that your family is still in my thoughts every day. I hope all is well. I am no longer in Gresham, but I am still in the Portland area.
Crystal Mai Purdy | 09.11.09 - 2:42 pm

KJ you were an amazing racer and good friend. I loved having the pleasure yo race with you. I countinue to race amd every time i go out i think of you. You braught joy, fun, and happiness to the race track. I will always remember you. Me, my brother CJ, and our whole family loved getting the chance to now and race with you!

With love,
The Gannons & Bartholomews(#98 & #99)
Cassidy | 08.15.09 - 12:09 am

good morning,K.J.your are a blessing in everyones life...I visit with you everday in the life that is around that you make a difference in and around everyone,including your family..every moment of every day...I love you..grandson...Mimi
mimi | 07.19.09 - 9:09 am

I never really personally knew Kj and don't remember much...I used to go to creative Minds when i was younger; but what i do remember of him is that When the creative minds bus would drop us off Kj would always be right up there in the front of the bus with his daddy, He seemed to really look up to him.
I looked at some of the pics displayed in the gallery and i do remember that smile of his. =D After reading all the comments about him and how he had touched so many lives i would have considered it a blessing to have known him personally.
McKinster Family, i just want to say that even in the little visits i have had with you at my sandwhich shop, I am always so blessed to see your faces, there is just something about you that is very special and i am certain that Kj was blessed as well. You have a wonderful family.
I will be praying for you guys, God bless you!
Ciara | 07.14.09 - 5:18 pm

My son, Eli Webber, attended Creative Minds near Stark St. in 2000/2001 and we got a chance to get to know your family during that time. You guys were always so nice and welcoming, and such a neat family. I was deeply saddened last year when I heard of KJ's death and you have frequently been in my thoughts ever since. I donated to KJ's cause knowing how important it would be to him. It's a great way to honor his memory.
Virginia Anderson | 06.17.09 - 4:51 pm

Hey KJ happy birthday! :) We miss you buddy! My prayers to you!
Arpine | 06.16.09 - 10:08 pm

happy birthday kj! you wouldve turned 14. we miss you
Kayla Weiner | 06.16.09 - 5:17 pm

I Thought Of You Today. You Are Truely Missed. I Know Your Family && Friends Love && Miss You Very Much.
Danielle Robison | 05.14.09 - 3:15 pm

hey, My name is Alexandra Gagnon and I was in K.J.'s 6th grade class at Walt Morey Middle School. Our teacher was Mrs. Crockett. K.J. and Him and I were friends i guess. The day he died I was really upset. And I just want to say sorry for your loss. And You all seem like such a strong family. And I wish you all the best!!

Alexandra | 05.13.09 - 7:50 pm

KJ, your picture is on our refrigerator and not a day goes by without us thinking of you and what an amazing person you are. Ken, Jackie, Sierra, Zac, William Shanor, and all the family, our thoughts are with you today.
Randy, Erin, Ethan, and Elliot | 04.11.09 - 10:11 pm

The earth has rounded the sun once since I held him. People come to my door asking if he lives here. I say no, but touch my heart and say, "he lives here, would you like me to tell you about him?" They always say yes!!! Then, I tell them the legend of the "Bug"..... lighting wheels, smiles winning or losing, love and respect for all.... tapping the back of his helmet saying "follow me!!" What a life!. What a young man! Love to you KJ Grandpa Bill
william shanor | 04.11.09 - 6:19 pm

Hey KJ... Its been a year... We miss you... Its still hard to believe a year has gone... We miss you KJ!!! A lot!!! We all love you...
Arpine | 04.11.09 - 5:36 pm

Hey Kj!
Just to let you know all the girls today wore dresses or skirts for you in your memory. Just show our support for you and your family.. We also had a moment of silence for you today.. We all miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much! It's your year Kj!
Ashlynn | 04.10.09 - 3:04 pm

Ken, Jackie Sierra & Zac....we wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are always with you, but especially this week. xoxo
yoshida's | 04.07.09 - 1:17 pm

McKinster Family- I hope you are doing well... I know there is nothing that will ever dull the pain of losing a loved one. KJ was an awesome kid, and his legacy lives on in our hearts forever. God works in mysterious ways, but KJ's memories makes us all remember to make the most out of every moment. The racing community will never forget the McKinster's...

Brett Bowen
Bowen Motorsports
Kennewick, WA
Brett Bowen | 03.30.09 - 5:03 pm

I was a very new, young Chaplain for Benton County last year when KJ passed away. I was called to Kadlec Medical Center and I knew right away that it would be an emotionally difficult day for me. When I got to the hospital I first met KJ's grandfather and his young sister and my heart just melted with how sincere that little girl was. After I met KJ's mother and father, I was immediately struck by what a beautiful young family they were and how close they seemed to be with one another. I had to oportunity to speak to them that day and one thing that stuck with me was their love for each other, and at one point Jackie was talking about where they'd go from there... and it was brought up to turn it into something as beneficial and positive as possible so they could honor KJ and let him serve as an example and inspiration to others. I was so happy to see that the McKinsters have done just that with this site and foundation.

Almost a year later I still think of KJ and his family often, and right now my husband and I are expecting our first child, a boy, in mid-June. I also found out on your site today that my husband has the same birthday as KJ! If I could have one wish for my new family it would be that we are as blessed with the happiness and love for each other that the McKinster's have. Thank you for being such a great example of a family faced with tragedy but making the best of it and remaining close.
Katrina McWhorter | 03.18.09 - 2:04 pm

hi kj i hope your doing good up there. i just got done racing at tri-cities and im glad to say that it is insanely covered with barriers and it is safer than ever
marco eakins #18 | 03.16.09 - 6:06 pm

Dearest know that form is perishable,but the concrete or REAL, before form was expressed,SPIRIT, is imperishable...therefor, thanks to your thoughts,,you are are are never are in all the signs of spring..spirit..I love you as all that know you you..Mimi
mimi | 03.14.09 - 10:21 am

K.J. We Miss you so so much..... The last great memory I have is when you took Tony, Rose, Sierra, and I on that ride to the water tower.... I miss you! Tony misses you so much but I told him your lookin out for him and your gona make sure we are all ok because your an angel now buddy.... Love you, aunt Megan
Megan Salas | 01.22.09 - 1:12 am

As the wrestling season approaches I find myself thinking more and more about KJ - initially excited at the thought of running into the McKinster family at a tournament - followed by sadness knowing it won't come to pass. I think of KJ often and at those moments, I, like so many others am challenged to be a better. A better Mom; to be more patient with my boys - to have a passion for racing and all that they do - to be more kind and soft spoken - to see good in all things. KJ was wise beyond his years. Ken, Jackie, Sierra, Zach and your extended family my heart goes out to you, may you all find comfort in the Lord.
Forever Friend | 01.04.09 - 7:40 pm

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